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The people who used to visit and comment all the time have slowly disappeared, even when I have been active.

No more fanarts. No more comments.

Just... quiet. 
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United States
Hello, I'm Ryan and I love art and writing.

I'm a HUGE cartoon fan and animation and cinema have been interests of mine for a long time. Video games and sports are awesome as well and yes.....I am a brony. Overall, I love creativity and seeing what others have to contribute as well!

(ID made by :iconlinaprime:)

Don't forget to read my story on FIMfiction!…

"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." - Walt Disney

"Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone." - Leo Tolstoy

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Clarity83 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  New member Hobbyist Writer
You're like an inspiration to me and my next gen stuff that I literally just started ^-^
I have a question, is there any reason you didn't make them shipping children? Or do you just not like Shipping?
ShrapnelLeader Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
That's super cool! I'm really glad that my stuff could inspire you! :D

When I started my "Kids of the Mane Six" series back in 2012, I wanted to make my work as canon-like as possible. Because there were and still are no confirmed ships by Hasbro, my best choice in remaining accurate to their work without putting in my own ideas would be to keep the fathers unnamed. 

The dads are all there and present in my kids' lives, but who they are is a mystery, even to me. This helps avoid shipping debates on who should REALLY be one characters husband. Not only that, but it allows me to focus on the kids on their own without having to chain them to a certain ship. 

So that's why. I don't hate shipping. I just don't use it for the Mane Six. ;)
Clarity83 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  New member Hobbyist Writer
Hmm, really interesting!
I find shipping hard for the mane six, since there are so many mares and not enough stallions! XD
But I really do find your Mane 6 kids adorable and fun and amazing, so I hope you keep up your artwork ^^

And one more thing, did you have a moment of just kind of laughing or awe when Rarity's name was Radiance in Power Ponies?
I immediately thought of (Your) Radiance and spent 5 minutes wondering how many writers go on DeviantArt :D
manteyval Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  New member
What will happen if The Children of the Mane 6 minus the new CMC got affected by the inspiration manifestation spell?
ShrapnelLeader Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
This story takes place before Twilight's royal coronation, so they won't be running into it. 
manteyval Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  New member
Even though they won't be running into it. What will happen to them IF they do?
manteyval Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  New member
Spike should get a son don't you think?
ShrapnelLeader Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
I thought about it a long time ago, but one thing stopped me: my shipping-neutral policy. You see, when I designed Rarity's daughter Radiance, I didn't know if she'd be Spike's daughter or some other stallion's. 

One of the reasons I chose to be shipping-neutral is because I wanted my kids to look like they could fit in as canon characters, so I didn't make any assumptions. That meant not giving Radiance any dragon-like features, which admittedly leans towards the not-Spike camp, even though it was the safer bet.

So long answer short, I won't make Spike any kids unless the show confirms whether or not he hooks up with Rarity. :)
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