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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Chapter 52
Chapter 52: Approaching Shadow
Scorching flames engulfed the surrounding forest, their yellow inferno licking and snapping and popping everything it touched. Birds cawed and screamed above while creatures below them scrambled to escape the approaching blaze. Smoke bellowed through the upper trees, blocking the warmth and light of the sun. Only a hellish nightmare remained of this section of the Everfree forest.
Andromeda watched the destruction with fury. Her pupils were blacker than ash. Her sunset eyes burned brighter than the very flames they gazed upon. Her white teeth were clenched before she let out a blood-curdling scream. Her anger continued to fuel the fire, turning the nearest tree into a white flash.
“Andi! What are you doing?” a familiar voice called from behind her.
It was not Tempest, like before. This time it was her mother, Twilight. The purple mare stood fast, her face with a look of concern, but her body braced for resistance.
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six Ch. 51 Prelude
Chapter 51 Prelude: (spoilers for first-time readers)
Everything happened so fast.
There wasn’t anything that could have been done.
Life itself seemed to come to a screeching halt for Andromeda, held up in perpetual slow-motion while her friends and mother carried the weakened bodies of Orion, Peach, and Bucky.
Such dizzying quiet!
Andromeda couldn’t tell if she was breathing or not. It didn’t matter.
All she knew was that everything in her ached.
“Get the doctor! Now!” she heard her mother scream to Rainbow Dash, who had only just arrived.
“But what if he finds out-“
“I said NOW!!!” Twilight’s reddened face shouted again.
As Twilight’s eyes followed her friend’s exit, her ears picked up Bucky’s gurgling coughs. A red foam leaked out the sides of his mouth, leaving Applejack in a distressed state.
“It’s okay, baby! It’s okay!” the country mare consoled while her tears be
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Chapter 50
Chapter 50: Paradise… L0ST (part II)  
Andromeda stumbled down the stairs, blinded by the tears that blurred her vision. Her heart quivered silently yet so painfully. She could feel it rising towards her throat. There was no breathing, but there was sobbing; a sobbing so heavy that her lungs burned. She wanted to drop to the ground and lie there for all of eternity, but something in her wouldn’t let her. The air itself felt like poison. She had to get out. She had to breathe. Andromeda dashed through the house and threw open the front door. She had no idea what she was doing or where she was going, nor could she think. All she could do was feel, and the pain was too great. Bolting out the door, she heard her name called out.
Andromeda heard the words, the vowels that created the sounds that were her name, but her head spun so much that she could hardly comprehend it. She continued to run, towards the apple orchard. The voice called out again
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 49
Chapter 49: Paradise…  Lost (PART I)
Deep within Twilight Sparkle’s basement, and late into the night, two mares toiled long and hard on the complexly flawed time travel spell. Minutes felt like hours, and hours like days while they clawed at the missing puzzle pieces of the magical formulas. Time was not on their side, as months of theory and testing needed to be condensed into a fraction of the time needed. Only the inevitable threat of the spell collapsing and killing the time travelers kept their exhausted minds running. Andromeda and Twilight had been feeling the pressure for weeks now, but now, after so much labor, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed visible.
“I can’t believe it! We did it!” Twilight shouted happily. “We actually did it! We recreated the improved time travel spell!”
“Now we just have to recreate my safeguard spell and we can finally go home!” Andromeda exclaimed with just as much enthusiasm.
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 48
Chapter 48: Together At Last
Berry could feel his entire body scream in agony. Every muscle felt bruised and sore beyond words. Even his bones seemed to ache. His head felt heavy and swollen from his earlier encounters. He touched his neck to see if it was as bad as it felt. A surge of pain shot through him. Mentally, everything felt foggy. He had no recollection of what time or day it was to begin with.
“Good morning, sleepyhead,” a sweetly familiar voice sang.
“Ch-cherry?” Berry whispered, trying to crane his neck to find out who was speaking to him.
Cherry’s bright face appeared above him, looking down with cheerful glee.
“Hey bro-bro,” she smiled. “How’ya feeling?”
“Terrible,” Berry groaned with a smile. “Like I got trampled by a bison stampede.”
“Hey, is that Berry?” another voice sounded, followed by the appearance of Tempest’s face besides Cherry’s. “Well look
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 47
MLP chapter 47: Awoken (first draft)
Orion and Peach Cobbler glanced at each other with a look of confusion as Applejack hugged her son for what felt like an eternity. Neither of them could rightly remember what was going on, so seeing Applejack shedding tears over Bucky felt both unusual and amusing. Even Bucky began to feel awkward from the sudden burst of tenderness from his mother.
“Moooommm, cut it out, ” he whispered, his yellow cheeks blushing red. “Yer embarrassin’ me.”
“Ah’m sorry,” Applejack replied, releasing him gently but still keeping one hoof on his shoulder. “Ah was just so scared that ah’d never get to see you again!”
Bucky glanced up with her with a puzzled expression on his face.
“It’s only been one night, mom,” he replied. “It’s seriously not a big deal.”
“One night?” the nearby Cherry spoke up. “What do you mean one night?”
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 46
Chapter 46: Food for Thought (first draft)
Cherry, Tempest, and Rainbow Dash stared at one another, motionless.  After RD’s little verbal slip up in front of them both, conversation had ground to a halt. One could hear a pin drop in the room, but the silence didn’t last for long once Cherry started to laugh.
“So,” Cherry said, trying desperately to cover her mouth to prevent a comical meltdown, “are we going to agree that this is both hilarious and really uncomfortable at the same time? Well, I mean hilarious for me and SUPER awkward for you two!”
And with that, it was all over. Cherry broke down into a breathless hysteria complete with tears. Tempest could feel his jaw clench.
“This isn’t funny, Cherry!” he shouted, his cheeks burning bright red from anger and embarrassment.
“It’s a little funny! “ Cherry said, cracking up.
A mortified Rainbow Dash watched her laugh with twitching eyebrows. She no lo
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 45
Chapter 45: Make Yourself Uncomfortable  (First draft)
Andromeda stood alone in a giant room of pure white. The vast nothingness surrounded her at all sides. There were no ponies, no objects, and no landmarks of any kind. Not even a shadow accompanied her. She was completely and utterly isolated. There was only the void. She began to walk forward with the hope of finding some kind of exit. As she did, the environment shifted. Each hoofstep she took echoed around her, creating shadowy ripples that faded into the distance.
“Andi,” the dark sound waves began to whisper.
Andromeda stopped. Her heart began to pound in her chest while she frantically scanned around her for the source, but there was nothing she could see or hear in any direction. The ghostly purgatory remained silent. After continuing her pace once more, she began to hear the whispers a second time.
“Andromeda,” they hissed.
“Who’s saying that? Hello?” Andromeda exclaimed,
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 44
Chapter 44: What Have I Become?
Dinner had come and gone. Soon enough, Twilight and her friends had left, leaving only the Apple family and their guests left to go to bed. Meanwhile, the time travelers remained awake to discuss the serious matters at hand.
“Bismarck did not try to kill Tempest!” Radiance repeated for a third time. “He would never do that, even if they weren’t best friends!”
“That’s not the point, Radiance,” Andromeda replied, rubbing her eyes. “What matters here is the fact that Bismarck has blood on his face and hooves… blood that he won’t tell us where it came from! I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but there’s nopony else on this farm! It’s just us and our moms, and Bismarck was the only other pony out there with him.”
“What are you, a lawyer? How can you possibly accuse him without asking him what happened?”
“We did ask him,” Flo
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 43
Chapter 43: Shutting Up
Tempest remained at his seat, on the verge of a mental breakdown and staring at Rainbow Dash. He had rehearsed it all in his head. He would stand up and slam his hoof on the table and tell her what he really felt. He could even see the words form for him.
“What did I do to you?” would be his first question, followed by, “What did I do to deserve this silent treatment?!?  You didn’t seem to have much of a problem with me BEFORE you found out that I was your son! Ever since you went and blew our secret out of the water, you’ve avoided me like the plague!!!”
With each passing second the speech ate its way through him, burning him from the inside. He wanted to just shout it out now and get it over with. Just one quick moment of weakness, of release, and his pain would finally be alleviated. Even if it would be for a short while, it would be worth it. Just seeing the look on Rainbow Dash’s shocked face would make
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 42
Chapter 42: Family Matters
While all of Applejack’s guests began to sit down at the dinner table, Andromeda’s attention stayed with Tempest. Ever since Rainbow Dash had arrived, he had not focused on anything or anypony else but her. His jaw was clenched and his eyes seethed with hidden anger. He was not making any effort to hide these expressions. Seeing his emotional crisis, Andromeda took hold of his hoof. After a moment, Tempest’s gaze finally tore away from his mother and towards the warm grip that interrupted him.
“It’s alright, Tempest,” Andromeda said, almost in a whisper.
Tempest glanced back at Rainbow Dash and gave Andi’s hoof a light squeeze. He did not say anything, though words weren’t needed. Andromeda led him to the  table and sat him down, taking the seat beside him.
“I get it,” she said. “I know how you feel and I’m with you. Okay?”
Tempest nodded. Andromeda could tell he didn
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 41
Chapter 41: What Now?
Berry sat on top of the barn with a bottle of cider in his hoof and relaxed while he watched the sunset shine on the color painting that was the apple orchard. Celestia knew he needed it a moment of rest. After all, it had been yet another lovely day in paradise at Sweet Apple Acres. If the scare of Cherry’s slipping sanity hadn’t been enough to concern him, his blowup incident with Andromeda, the children’s fading health, and Flora’s vicious attack and breakdown made sure he wasn’t out of the crossfire. He let out a frustrated breath. Maybe now he could get a moment of peace. No talking, no fighting, and no more dealing with other ponies’ problems.
“Mind if I join you?”  a voice asked from behind.
“Aaand the moment is gone,” Berry said aloud. “What do you want, Tempest?”
Tempest shrugged and sat beside his friend, but as soon as he turned to take a look at Berry, he about lost his
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 40
Chapter 40: The Rage In All Of Us
Flora watched as Fluttershy left the room for some fresh air outside.  It was quiet now, with only the faint breathing of a sleeping Orion, Peach Cobbler, and Bucky keeping the room from absolute silence. Slowly, Flora began to approach the bed they shared together. Standing at its side, she held the hoof of her little sister tightly, and though she had cried herself to sleep earlier, her eyes found new tears to shed. A chill slithered though her as she began to weep.
“Well well well,” its snake-like words hissed. “Look who’s here! It’s the pity party herself, the oh-so-helpless Flora!”
Flora wiped her tears from her eyes, using them to scan the room for the source of the voice.
“Who said that?” she asked nervously. “Who’s there?”
“Oh, Flora. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten who I am! We had a lovely conversation just a few days ago.”
The green pegasus b
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Mane 6 Grandkids Berry's Sons by ShrapnelLeader Mane 6 Grandkids Berry's Sons :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 63 31
Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 39
Chapter 39: Faith in a Future
Andromeda sat up in Applejack’s bed where she now resided in place of Cherry. She had no idea how she ended up where she was, but something about it did not bother her. Every day she felt more and more exhausted and each night was becoming more sleepless than the last. To be honest, despite the relentless clock ticking down to their imminent demise filling the back of her mind, Andromeda somehow felt at peace that had been missing for a long time. According to the clock, she had been sleeping for several hours. She saw Cherry nudge Berry when she woke up. They had been sitting down across the room from her.
“Berry,” Cherry said softly. “Berry, get up. Andromeda’s awake.”
Berry snorted as his blue eyes shot open, his body jerking upright in the process.
“Andizup?” he murmured, slurring his words.
Cherry ignored him and made her way to foot of the bed.
“How are you feeling, Andi?” Cherry as
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 38
Chapter 38: Rage and Regret
Breakfast was quiet despite the seventeen ponies (Apple family and guests, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie) sitting together at the conjoined tables. Some remained silent because they were still exhausted, some didn’t know how to break the awkward tension, and others just didn’t want to speak at all. Regardless of their reasoning, they all had much on their minds. With Cherry sleeping in, there was still an incomplete feeling that blanketed them all.
Applejack’s eyes drifted from one side of the table to the other. Berry poked at his food, unable to eat. Bismarck and Radiance occasionally whispered something to one another but never spoke up. Orion, Peach, and Bucky were uncharacteristically calm as well. Who knew what was going through their minds? Flora ate slowly, never looking up from her food. Tempest and Andromeda ate quickly, though for different reasons. None of them were going to say anything, so it would be up to Appleja
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 37
Chapter 37: Lost Without You
“Is she going to be okay?” Radiance asked while Berry shut the bedroom door behind him.
Berry didn’t look at her, instead focusing his gaze down the hallway. She couldn’t tell if he was either too distracted by his own thoughts or if he was intentionally hiding his face from her.
“She’s going to be fine,” he answered softly.
“And what about you? Are you going to be alright too?”
Berry didn’t look at her.
“Yeah,” he mumbled as he started walking towards the stairs. “I’m good.”
“Hey,” Radiance said, running in front of him to stop him. “Hold up.”
Berry looked down at the white unicorn mare and let out a deep breath.
“I said I’m fine, Radiance. You don’t…”
Radiance paid no attention and interrupted him with a tight squeeze. Berry, normally an open hugger, found himself caught off-balance, but something about the
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Mane 6 Grandkids  Flora's sons by ShrapnelLeader Mane 6 Grandkids Flora's sons :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 64 31 Mane 6 grandkids Tempest and Andromeda's children by ShrapnelLeader Mane 6 grandkids Tempest and Andromeda's children :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 107 85
Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 36
Chapter 36: Learn to Face Your Fears   (first draft)
Andromeda and Radiance sat by Applejack’s bedroom door, waiting for any sign of good news. From the outside, only faint murmurs and the occasional shuffling of hooves could be heard. Even though they desperately wanted to see how their friend Cherry was doing, they dared not enter without permission. Berry and Pinkie Pie were far too distraught to deal with anyone else at the moment. Flora kept busy by assisting Zecora with Cherry while Applejack and Fluttershy kept look after the children in the barn. Rarity had been sent out to buy more ingredients needed for the medicine and now only Andromeda and Radiance remained by the door, occasionally checked on by Bismarck and Tempest.
“Yer sure yer okay? Y’all don’t need nothin’?” Bismarck asked, looking down at the two mares.
“We’re fine, Bismarck,” Radiance answered. “Thanks anyway.”
“We need something to
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Grandkids of the Mane Six chart by ShrapnelLeader Grandkids of the Mane Six chart :iconshrapnelleader:ShrapnelLeader 44 112
Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 35
Chapter 35: Cherry, You Gotta Stand Up Tall…  (first draft)
Tempest’s eyes shifted back and forth, following Cherry’s incessant pacing beneath the shade of a distant apple tree. He peered upwards for a moment to see that the morning sun had stopped rising, its warm rays now transforming into a searing heat. In fact, it had gotten so hot that Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith had left the apple field to go to town for some grocery shopping and drinks. While Fluttershy napped in the shade of another tree, Tempest, Flora, and Berry shared a single tree’s shade while they sat around waiting for “the talk” to be over. Whatever was being said back at the barn with Bismarck, Radiance, and their mothers, it had to have been a long and awkward conversation.
“Could they take any longer?” Flora groaned, speaking from the shade on the opposite side of the tree as Tempest. “I mean, where did this heat even come from? It ha
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 34
Chapter 34: Covalent Bonding (first draft)
Twilight hovered over Andromeda’s shoulder while the young unicorn drew a diagram of their discussion. The two had been working hard on the time travel spell all morning and found themselves going over other aspects of what had happened.
“So what you’re saying is,” Twilight began, “you think that the amount of time traveled into the past increases and decreases the physical reaction of the physical plane?”
“Exactly,” Andromeda replied. “Powerful spells have the ability to create bright flashes of light and storm-like qualities, but what happens if a hole has been ripped in space and time itself? And of this magnitude! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my friends and I arrived at the exact moment the biggest recorded storm in Ponyville in years struck without warning.”
“And what about the spell at the time of use?  When you were in the future, did it d
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Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! Ch. 1/27ths
Chapter 248: APRIL showers make FOOLS of us all
And then Andromeda woke up.
"It was all just a bad dream!"
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Luv them my fav is Andromeda and Tempest.
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Your next generation is AMAZING!
My favorites are Flora,Berry and Cherry.
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Thank you. I'm glad you like them and I hope you continue to enjoy them.
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Applejack-Apple Tart(boy)
Twilight-Sunset Sparkle(girl)

Just what I came up with
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ShrapnelLeader Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
When the amulet of laughter is passed down to a new host, it shapes itself to tailor to that individual. Berry and Cherry will both receive the element.
TobyandMavisforever Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Student General Artist
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That's a difficult question. The more I've developed them, the more I've liked my characters.

If I had to choose, it would be either Berry or Orion.
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